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    Hi All,
    does anyone have any experience with the Silva Siju? I can find absolutely no reviews or info regarding this little light on the net. Looks like competition for the petzl e+lite.


    I saw them locally for $24, and seemed like a good option, as the e+lite costs $60 over here...

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    No experience with either, but ebay uk has petzls for as low as £17.50 (buy it now, postage included) at the moment.

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    Thanks Borrower. I just ordered an e+lite. Even with shipping to Aus it was still half the price of buying it here. Might pick up a Siju to try as well.

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    I just bought another one (the first was for my wife, it lives in her glovebox incase she has a flat tyre or other automotive issue)

    I quite like them, although i cant comment on runtime, they start out pretty bright and weigh next to nothing

    I will probably still pick up a few E-lites too (one for each first aid kit, one for my car)
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    Excellent little light, my choice for ultralight backpacking and wild camping in summer. Weighs next to nothing, compact, "forget about" until needed. Less complicated than the E-Lite, faff free.

    I am currently doing a you-tube review, will post as soon as complete.

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