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    Hello, my first post.

    I have recieved a Thor 10,000,000 candle power spotlight for free minus charger and was wondering if anyone has information about the charger that I did not get with it. Where can I get one at least for ac power. I know the battery is 12 volt 7 amp hr and also think the charger that came with it is 1.5 amps. Can someone tell me where to get one?

    Thank You

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    Welcome to CPF.

    I use this charger for all of my 12 V SLA batteries, including the ones in my spotlights:

    It comes with aligator clips that can be attached to the terminals on your battery, but if you don't want to go through the hassle of removing the battery from your light every time that you want to recharge it, you can replace the aligator clips with a plug that will match the socket on your Thor. I did that with mine. I bought the plug at Radio Shack where they have a large selction of them in different sizes.

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    Or if you are in the UK maypole make a decent smart charger for small SLA batteries, output is 13.something volts and 500mA.
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    Ok thank you for the answers. I was at radio shack but without opening up the packages i could not tell which plug would fit. I have to go to another store and maybe the sales person might know more.

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