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Thread: Best Headband for mini maglite and xl200?

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    Help Best Headband for mini maglite and xl200?

    Hi all, Newb here with some questions. I bought a mini maglite LED last year and was quite impressed, even compared to the other bigger cheapo flashlights we had around the house. I thought it was a great bang for the buck. So, as my flashlight addiction started to grow, I'd check local stores for what they had in stock and search online (which is how I found this site) to compare. This year decided to get another LED and went with the Maglite XL200. Very nice little light so far...seems to throw a nice bright light! May very well be the best flashlight I've ever owned. Another reason why I like these lights is because they're made here in the Good 'ole USA.
    Anyway, I'd like to get a headband to use with both of these lights (not at the same time). Being a newb at all this I've only come across the Nite-Ize brand headstrap that seems like it will work with both lights. Is this a good head-strap? what would you guys recommend for my two Maglites?

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    I have the Nite-ize and it seems to work pretty well. If I recall, it should accomodate both flashlights. It closes around the head with velcro, so you can adjust it to be as tight or loose as you like.

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    Default Re: Best Headband for mini maglite and xl200?

    I use the Nite-Ize headband, too, and I think it works great--so basic yet versatile, comfortable, tough, and stable enough to do just about anything, including running. It's much better than the headband that came with my ZebraLight headlamp in every way, and works with that, too. It's also inexpensive and made in the USA. It actually has two elastic loops (one inside the other) sized for common flashlight diameters (small type, of course), and the outer loop should fit both of these flashlights fine.

    The only thing it doesn't do is rotate up and down--this is not an issue for my headlamp, but it may be for standard flashlights unless the headband itself can be moved around on your head enough to get the light pointed where you need it. If you'll be using it primarily to light your way, then no problem, but if you'll be using it for close-up tasks as I most often do, then the flashlight will probably have to be rotated downward a bit. I just tried the latter now with a standard flashlight, and it works OK for close-up tasks when the headband covers my eyebrows. If you think this may be an issue for you, then you could consider the Fenix headband, which rotates the flashlight up and down. It should just barely accommodate your Mini (if it's the AA type), but probably not your XL200 because it's too large (Fenix says 18-22mm). And it costs a lot more and is more cumbersome--you might as well wear a belt on your head and attach the flashlight with the Maglite or Nite-Ize rotating belt holster. Seriously, that would work as long as the belt can be fastened around your head, as some can. For that matter, I've improvised my own portable headband from a length of paracord and a strip of elastic.

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    Default Re: Best Headband for mini maglite and xl200?

    I think the Klarus Headband is good for low price.

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    Default Re: Best Headband for mini maglite and xl200?

    Great! Thanks for the input guys. More input welcome!

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    I really like the Nitecore HB02 2nd Generation Flashlight Headband which I got from Battery Junction. It allows you to position the light on either side or on top of your head. The top position seems to be the best since you can tilt the beam straight ahead or have it pointing down in front of you a bit.

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    Default Re: Best Headband for mini maglite and xl200?

    I gotta say, that Nitecore HBO2 is pretty sweet!

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    Hey Stickx...thanks for the heads up. I think the Nitcore HB02 is "hands down" a better head-strap. The center strap allows for support and to position the light at almost any angle you would want. Also the option of using 3 lights at a time is pretty sweet.

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    the fenix headband is the only way to go.

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