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    I've been using nickel plated brass glands so far without a flex nut.
    While looking for flex nut options I'm finding either stainless steel or nylon; however,the nylon only comes with nylon glands.
    I'm wondering how may are using nylon glands vs the brass models, and if you use a flex but which one?

    Thing I've seen at least one of Packhorses with the nylon model.

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    Hello Codiak,

    Don't know where your'e living and how good your German is.....
    These glands I've been using on some occassions:
    They are (I think) the glands you asking for? They are fiberglass re-inforced, they seal IP68 up to 10 bar.
    Kind regards,

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    Thanks JosB,
    Those are similar to the nylon ones I've seen.

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    I use the nylon glands from mcmaster carr..they work great

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    I use metal or nylon depending on the canister. If I think it's going to get tugged about I use thicker 4-core 10mm cable, so no strain relief.

    Nylon has never let me down when you use it with Sikaflex and a cable tie. The only issue I have is the ones I've seen have very short threads and come with a nylon screw...which gets the glue treatment. Nylon will never be as strong as metal however it all depends on the user/abuser.

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    Thanks Kelm,
    Exactly the type of feedback I was looking for....
    Think I'll give the Nylon ones a try.

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