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Thread: TekPower HY3005-D 0-30V / 0-5A Power Supply Question

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    Default TekPower HY3005-D 0-30V / 0-5A Power Supply Question

    I'm new to circuit design and just purchased this bench top power supply to replace my older 2A analog model. It has a 0-5A current rating, but it's limiting current to roughly 2.15A. It doesn't seem to make difference whether it's set to constant current or constant voltage. Is this because I have it plugged into a 110 AC outlet? The instruction manual doesn't provide much info, but it does show a switch on the back for selecting 110 or 220. Also, this model has a dead link on the TekPower website, so no info there either.

    Any help would be appreciated. Really hope this isn't a defective unit. Thanks!

    Edit: Looking at the Amazon page again, it shows a power supply made by Mastech which looks exactly the same except for the brand name.
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