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Thread: Re-Thinking my logo...need your input!

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    Default Re-Thinking my logo...need your input!

    Hi folks, I'm not that happy with my logo and I'm working on some new ideas. I posted one new version on my blog (instead of here) in the hopes of getting more votes...but that may have backfired I haven't had much input so far. So if you would be so kind...Please follow this link to my blog and vote! It's actually incredibly helpful to get your feedback so please take a minute (if you have one to spare) and let me know what you think!

    Feel free to comment either "here" or "there". I wish there was some way to link the content since I don't like getting things all spread out...but they, it's what I've got to work with at the moment

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    Default Re: Re-Thinking my logo...need your input!

    Honestly, I prefer the logo you have..

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    Default Re: Re-Thinking my logo...need your input!

    Jason, since you're asking IMO .... "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It"! ....

    Lance aka AZpops

    Now that I know your back, I'll shoot you an email!
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    Default Re: Re-Thinking my logo...need your input!

    Logos are tough to design & I turned mine over to a graphics designer. We got it figured out about the 10th (or 20th) try ...

    IMO colors add a lot to any logo. When used on a business card or website they really make the image pop. It's worth the time & the money to get this the way you want it. Look for popular & easily recognized logos (like a Google image search) & almost all are in color:

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    Default Re: Re-Thinking my logo...need your input!

    everytime i see the name Dark Sucks for some reason i always think of Ducks,it's obviously an abbreviation of Dark Sucks so for me something different from everyone else
    would be a little Duck on the head of your lights.This way you'd have a unique stamp on your lights.
    What another new light!!!

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    Default Re: Re-Thinking my logo...need your input!

    I voted for #2, I like it more, even though it seems a little more plain.
    Maybe tweak it a bit to make it more "iconic?"

    Actually, I think the makers mark that you use is better than both of those. Why not just use that as your logo also? Did you design it? And what the heck is it anyway? An H?
    An M? I saw you were already rocking a cool T-shirt with that logo in your Alpha video...
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