Hi there, I've been reading a bit on these forums over a year or so, and not sure I get it all....'it means I have made 3 posts or less...'

Theres a lot of interesting stuff here, and very curious about what I can do to my flashlights. thank you to all the generous and clever people who posts here, even though I may not get it all. I hope some of you can help me out with this here. I can add some pictures of the stuff, if the forum allows that in a first post (?)

What I understand from HID, is , that I would take like a car HID kit from ebay and slap into a spotlight. ?

1: first spotlight: this yellow big one I bought on a flea market, it had a H3 100w halogen bulb, 2 x 12v 4ah lead batteries (each is 4x2x3"), a jack for charging, a switch. No charger. a sticker says 3.5M candella or sumthin. Its yellow and kind of resemble a 'Cyclops THOR /X /cycS6X' / 'Nite Tracker 401' / 'Sealey model AK437' flashlights, has two black foldable legs. the housing is 'vented' behind the dish. after disassembly, theres a LOT of room inside it, under the batteries theres a black 'spacer', so i think theres room for a lipo or two.. I found that i can fit a 80mm dc with two fan grills fan on the outside of housing at the end/back/rear. (will cut a circular hole). I would like to use lipo batteries as they are much lighter than lead batteries. Im thinking I should find a 75 or 55w balast to put in it, and a h3 xenon bulb? Or, I could get a Cyclops colossus to mod to a HID spotlight ? still, I can't 'just' throw this out


will add more pics in a sec