Sandwich Shoppe-

Been out of flashlight modding for a while, just getting back into it and was looking for some PES2 (D-size) heatsinks. I'm looking for more (at least 10) of the D-size PES2 heatsink and willing to potentially fund a run, buy 10+ from the initial run, or if neither of those options work I wanted to see if you could share the engineering drawings with me so I can outsource to a machine shop. I'd recognize Modamag's patent, provide the heatsinks to the Shoppe to sell under whatever agreement you have with Modamag. In this scenario I would like to move the center "tightening" holes out just a bit so they would fit a golf spike wrench and perhaps remove the shallow indentations from the mounting surface...but even without these changes this is the most flexible and awesome heatsink every made...we need more!

Thanks for your consideration-