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Thread: Another run of PES2 Perfect Emitter Sink (D-Size)?

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    Default Another run of PES2 Perfect Emitter Sink (D-Size)?

    Sandwich Shoppe-

    Been out of flashlight modding for a while, just getting back into it and was looking for some PES2 (D-size) heatsinks. I'm looking for more (at least 10) of the D-size PES2 heatsink and willing to potentially fund a run, buy 10+ from the initial run, or if neither of those options work I wanted to see if you could share the engineering drawings with me so I can outsource to a machine shop. I'd recognize Modamag's patent, provide the heatsinks to the Shoppe to sell under whatever agreement you have with Modamag. In this scenario I would like to move the center "tightening" holes out just a bit so they would fit a golf spike wrench and perhaps remove the shallow indentations from the mounting surface...but even without these changes this is the most flexible and awesome heatsink every made...we need more!

    Thanks for your consideration-

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    Default Re: Another run of PES2 Perfect Emitter Sink (D-Size)?

    Isn't that heat sink for Luxeon emitters? What if the top surface was flat and more universal than having divots for outdated Luxeon style emitters. I know there are other vendors that make emitters in this packaging style, but, Lumileds was the only one that used flip chip technology and had the slug isolated. All the others out there have the slug connected to one or the other leg of the LED and would short out if any series configuration was done using the bare slugs. If I recall correctly we finally ran out of stock last year sometime and have not made any decisions what to do. But, I do believe I was milling off the recesses to make a flat top out of these and that was selling better than the stock version.

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