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Thread: Opinions needed-- Wenger Ranger or Vic Lockblade

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    Default Opinions needed-- Wenger Ranger or Vic Lockblade

    I'm looking at a purchasing a SAK with a lockblade and need some opinions here.

    I'm a Vic guy, but open minded. Anyone have both?

    Both companies offer the tools I need to have on various knives, just looking for some real world usage/hands-on feedback.
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    Default Re: Opinions needed-- Wenger Ranger or Vic Lockblade

    About three or four years ago I picked up a Victorinox One Hand Trekker because it was on clearance and the price was too good to pass up - it ended up being one of my favorite knives. I think it takes a little bit getting used to because it has a reverse liner lock, no pocket clip, and serrations on the front part of the blade but overall I really like it. It has a very useful tool set. Also a version without serrations is available.

    I've also noticed that I get less of a reaction from people when I carry a SAK around rather than one of my Spydercos or Benchmades...
    Probably because it seems less threatening.

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