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    Default Long distance walking.

    Hi- I have a forty day cross country walk in the offing - It will probably be possible to buy a new battery every few days.

    I would like something lightweight, dim enough to not disturb people sleeping in bunkhouses, and bright enough to walk on tracks with before dawn.

    ____Less than £40.
    ____I prefer a flashlight as a headtorch will clash with my hat.
    ____Every day carry small <100mm < 100 grams
    ____I want to buy off the peg
    ____I intend to use alkaline (AA) but I am open to other options,
    ____I want to navigate a dark room
    ____I want to read a map
    ____Bright is okay if it doesn't automatically switch on bright
    ____I need dim, dull and adequate to walk with light levels
    ____I want to walk around an unlit rural area
    ____Beam - 20 meters is plenty
    ____3 hours + 24 would be much better
    ____A simple switch
    ____I don’t mind what it is made of low weight is important

    This is a pilgrimage -If it doesn't have some militaristic tactical kill-zone offensive capability destroyer type name I would see that as a bonus

    Thanks for your time
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