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Thread: Need some direction (light painting)

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    Default Need some direction (light painting)

    I'm new to the site and need direction as to which forum to post my question/request. I'm looking for a good flashlight to use in light painting (photography). I would like a light I can focus the beam. I want a near daylight color (around 5000 to 5600K). Brighter is better, but not the deciding factor. I would like it to use AA batteries so I can use the many NiMH batteries that I already have, but would not be opposed to other batteries. A momentary switch is nice. I also like a straight on/off switch as opposed to cycling through several modes to get to off.

    I have an SureFire which I like, but the color seems a little too blue. I recently picked up a Coast HL7 headlamp. I really like the ability to focus the beam and the fact that it can be dimmed with a slider. I haven't used it yet for light painting, but it does seem a little cumbersome in one hand as opposed to a flashlight.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: Need some direction

    Welcome to CPF, leejinks

    I'm going to move your thread to the Dark Room (our photography sub-forum. There are already threads there about light painting - here are some examples:

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    underground light painting!
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