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Thread: Fenix PD30 with AW Rechargeable 123A

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    Default Fenix PD30 with AW Rechargeable 123A

    Hi Guys,

    im new to this forum but have a question.

    I have a PD30 and intend to run AW Rechargeable 123A given the primarys did not last very long.

    1) Anyone have any idea how long a PD30 will run in Turbo mode with a fully charged AW123A

    2) Also anyone have any idea how long the PD30 will run in Turbo/Strobe with a fully chrged AW123A

    3) As a side question / point i was running in Turbo strobe for about 1hours and the primary where flat/ spent which seems very low. How long should i expect a primary to last in Turbo/Strobe mode at full brightness for since Fenix done say.

    Cheers everyone in advance :-)

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    Default Re: Fenix PD30 with AW Rechargeable 123A

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    Default Re: Fenix PD30 with AW Rechargeable 123A

    sorry did not realise that posted this in the wrong area.

    anyways' not heard back from anyone on this? just thought i woulld give it a re-nudge

    to follow up on what i origionally posted, i am guessing that i get about 2hrs 15 to 2hrs 30mins on primaries in strobe mode.

    about to get some AW RCR123 A batts to keep the cost down (here in the UK the CR123A's cose quite a bit even in bulk)

    Anyone know if i should expect about the same run time (or even timmed it on a PD30 R5) on stobe setting running the AW RCR's

    ps would i have been better getting a PD32 (i hear that 18650 are a better batt to have, however the ring in the center of the light would annoy me whhen im using it for immumination, not stobing)


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    Default Re: Fenix PD30 with AW Rechargeable 123A

    You can refer to this review and may estimate the runtime on turbo mode.
    I can say RCR123A on turbo mode give shorter runtime than 17670 cell due to much less capacity.

    PD32 shows the ring between hotsopt and side spill. (You can see the related review of the prototype sample.) But it's a very well made EDC.
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    Default Re: Fenix PD30 with AW Rechargeable 123A

    Is anybody running the PD30 R5 with AW 3.7V protected RCR123? Does it work fine?

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