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    Has anyone actually bought and used the LEDIL - C10977_LILY-SST90-S ? This is supposed to give a spot beam but the dimensions are rather small so I was looking for opinions on how well it performs....

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    I know Wayne from Electrolumens makes the Big Bruiser with the SST-90 and an optic, but I'm not sure which one?? Iris??

    He has to space the optic off of the LED a little, because the first one he did with it sitting right on top of the LED melted the optic...

    Big Bruiser sales thread. (Talks about melted optic in first post.)

    uick review.
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    Its listed as 'spot' but the FHWM is +/-12 degrees, so the beam width would be 24 degrees which is pretty broad. Its a spot beam in terms of household/indoor lighting, but definitely not a tight or spot beam for flashlights.

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    I purchased and tried the LEDIL - C10977 from Mouser Electronics for about $2? If you were planning on mounting the LED in a AA Maglite, it may be a good fit, but it really is impractical for flashlight use. I agree, more of a home lighting aplication..

    I am still trying to come up with a decent option as well. Mine is going in a 2D Mag host, But I am open to making a custom piece to house any reflector or optics.

    I have something coming from DX already, but its way to big for the head on a 2D Mag. So I will have to machine/TIG weld something custom to fit it and thread to the host if the spot and through is what I want.

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