Just wanted to share my Spidereyes headlight

it started as a helmet light for mountain biking but added to a headband it makes a great
night dogwalking light.

Specs are

2 of Ahortons aspheric lenses with XML leds behind
slightly defocused so as to spread the beam a little as I found it a bit narrow when the die image was sharp.

and 2 xpgs wired in parallel and then series with the two XMLs with the carclo 10 mm optics to provide some close up flood also usefull on the bike .

driver is a Taskled H6Flex running at 2.8 amps

the battery I use is a 14.8 volt 2.6 amp hour Li Ion and it pulls 1.8 amps on full but full is mental bright and only really used on technical downhills on the bike
for night dog walking I use level 3 which only draws .5 amp so giving a good burntime