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Thread: What HID headlamps can I use for a Honda Accord 2001?

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    Default What HID headlamps can I use for a Honda Accord 2001?


    I was thinking of upgrading my headlight low beams to HID, but I don't know what to get, or what is DOT compliant. Can someone please recommend me a high end product that is compatible with my 2001 Honda Accord EX V6? The reason is, I have poor night vision and I try to avoid driving at night.

    Before finding this forum, I went to amazon, sorted by best selling, and shamelessly, most expensive. So, I bought the Sylvania SilverStars zXe, which after doing more research, aren't that good. Then I bought two GNP for $40 because amazon is having a sale until 2/29/12.

    But, I was wondering, is there something better that I can get (assume money isn't an issue when it comes to safety). I found a post on 9006 low beam upgrades and someone recommended Starr HID Xenon, but I can't tell if this fits my car. I know very little about these things and I'd have to have someone install them.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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    Default Re: What HID headlamps can I use for a Honda Accord 2001?

    The Department of Transportation in the US does not approve lights for compliance with safety. Manufacturers do. There is an arm-long list of standards and requirements listing directional brightness limits for headlamp units, including durability, longevity, brightness, apparent intensity, color, light distribution, and several other things I can't remember right now.

    Popping in lights that fit is not legal or safe. HID 'upgrades' aren't legal or safe. If the original manufacturer installs HIDs in the same model of car, then that HID unit could perhaps be used. One of the automotive lighting experts will be along soon to give you better information.

    Why HID? Better bulbs and better power wiring goes a LONG way to better light performance.
    My biggest light-hog is my camera.

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    Default Re: What HID headlamps can I use for a Honda Accord 2001?

    Answer to your question is "None. You can't". "HID kits" in halogen-bulb headlamps or fog/auxiliary lamps (any kit, any lamp, any vehicle no matter whether it's a car, truck, motorcycle, etc.) do not work safely or effectively, which is why they are illegal. See here for more details.

    Avoid any bulb that claims to produce "whiter" light, or (mis)uses the word "Xenon" on the packaging, any bulb with tinted glass (blue, purple, etc.), any bulb not made by one of the relatively few major legitimate makers (Philips/Narva, Osram/Sylvania, GE).

    Your car is 11 years old. It's likely the headlamps are no longer in like-new condition -- they're probably quite far from it. The lights need to be as close as possible to perfect or your upgrade efforts will be wasted/counterproductive. Hazed or pitted lenses take away from your seeing light and produce extra glare; reflectors degrade with the constant heat exposure from the bulbs over the years. You may need to put in new headlamps. If you do, use only genuine Honda items. The aftermarket units, all of them, are junk -- whether they look like the original ones or are restyled.

    When you have headlamps in good condition, you can upgrade them significantly and safely (as long as you make certain they are aimed correctly, not just guessed-at) with Philips HIR2 bulbs.
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    Default Re: What HID headlamps can I use for a Honda Accord 2001?

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the help.

    I have one more question which I didn't understand. You mentioned I should replace my headlamps with only genuine honda parts and then I can install Philips HIR2 bulbs. But, when I checked the compatibility it says those bulbs don't fit my car.
    Do the newer headlamps from Honda support these bulbs and then they will work?

    Thanks again,

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    Default Re: What HID headlamps can I use for a Honda Accord 2001?

    Amazon is in the business of selling stuff. They are not headlamp experts. Many of us on this forum, on the other hand, are. See here.

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    Default Re: What HID headlamps can I use for a Honda Accord 2001?

    +1 on headlamp lens quality.

    I had a '92 Saturn SC2 as a beater car for a while. The headlights were more like candles. They would basically just light up the inside of the headlamp. The previous owner put in I believe Xtravision bulbs to be able to see better at night, but they were useless.

    I got one of those cheap headlight restoration kits and polished the lenses and I'd say the light output to the road increased about a million percent.

    It still wasn't 100% OEM quality though. There was still a very slight haze to the lens, but it wasn't yellowed or opaque anymore. I sold the car right after I cleaned up the headlamps, so I never got to play with it more. I was going to go back over the plastic with the lightest grit part of the kit again, with a very soft touch, and I think that the final, slight haze that was still there probably would have come out.

    At the time, I was in a hurry, and I was comparing before and after pictures on my camera, and I thought it was perfect. Later on, outside of the garage, I compared my newly restored lenses to a new car's, and I could notice the haze. I'd think that sitting next to another '92 Saturn, though, you'd think my lamps were new. I dunno. I've been called a perfectionist before!


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    Default Re: What HID headlamps can I use for a Honda Accord 2001?

    Just for laughs, I looked at Starr HID (Pacesetter Products). They do appear to have headlights for the 1998-2002 Accord for $447.

    If you poke around their site, you'll see "$200 off on Crown Vic HID's Limited time offer!" I bought my $648 dollar "on sale" Crown Vic HID headlights in October 2010. So the "limited time" must be a very long time.

    Be clear: These are not those rotten illegal and unsafe "HID conversions" that put HID bulbs into halogen lights. These are actual HID projector headlights, designed for the HID light source. When you go from Low to High, you aren't changing filaments as in a conventional High/Low bulb; an internal shutter of some sort moves, and suddenly you see "the rest of the beam." You'll get used to it. The coverage is very even, though not extremely long range. The previous owner of the car was definitely impressed.

    Scheinwerfermann can tell you, these aren't the best and aren't the worst, when it comes to build quality. I can tell you they've been working fine for me since I put them in. I commute 48 miles each way, and my 2000 Crown Vic is parked outside in Pacifit NorthWET weather. I had a little bit of condensation or fog inside them right after I installed them, in Nov. 2010, but they've been fine since. Personally, I like the very sharp, clean low beam cutoff. They work well in fog and heavy snow -- except that in certain kinds of snow they'll get covered even faster than warmer halogen or sealed beam lamps. But that's not often. Also, they're 4,200K so they look white, not blue.

    Hope this is helpful.
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    Default Re: What HID headlamps can I use for a Honda Accord 2001?

    Thanks for the help guys! trying the cheaper HIR2 alternatives for now. I think it's brighter (I forgot what the old ones used to look like). Took me forever to sand down the plastic, I was going at it with a fury. Thanks again!

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    You don't want to do HIDs. Consider Philips Xtreme series or Osram Nightbreakers if you are looking for more illumination. Also a good polish of the lens is likely a good idea by now.

    Your night vision and others ahead/driving towards you will thank you.

    Posted from my mobile device. Please excuse the brevity of this message.

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    Default Re: What HID headlamps can I use for a Honda Accord 2001?

    check your voltage drops to see if you would benefit from relays. for me it wasnt as big of a difference as when i put in the hirs or cleaned up the lenses, but still noticeable.

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    Default Re: What HID headlamps can I use for a Honda Accord 2001?

    Making a relay harness is fun and relaxing. And afterwards, your lights work better!

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    Default Re: What HID headlamps can I use for a Honda Accord 2001?

    Mounting a fog light on the bottom of bumper and aiming it paralel to teh ground on illuminate the edge of the road and only good during the foggy weather.

    Mounting a PROJECTOR fog light with good cutoff on top of bumper and aiming it down will work light a low beam.

    You will find lots of HID converted projector fog light on ebay DO NOT BUT THEM. those are designed for halogen bulb and HACKED in with a hid bulb. it has LOTS of glare. the oncoming driver will HATE you.

    Get either Hella Micro DE Fog about $140 or chinese Knock off at $40-50 .
    Hella micro DE is MUCH MUCH better made. and has even and wide illumination.
    Chinese knockoff is cheap and cheap. it also has narrow illumination.

    Hope this help
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    Default Re: What HID headlamps can I use for a Honda Accord 2001?

    I would not do anything "recommended" in the above post.......all ideas are just......unsound at best.

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    Default Re: What HID headlamps can I use for a Honda Accord 2001?

    Zeiss Nut, your post has been edited because the lighting modifications you were recommending were illegal and unsafe. Rule 11 of this board prohibits advocating illegal activity. If you continue to do so, you may be blocked from posting. To avoid that, take a moment -- right now -- to read and understand all of the basic, reaosnable rules you must follow on this board.

    In addition, your random application of font color tags was pointless and obnoxious, making your post even harder to read than it already was with its random grammar and syntax. That's not against the rules, but it is not going to win you any friends. Don't do that.

    Please and thank you.

    (Also, be advised that fog lamps do not and cannot act as primary or auxiliary low beam headlamps, regardless of type, placement, or aim.)
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