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Thread: Know of any obscure 3X18650 lights?

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    Sigh Know of any obscure 3X18650 lights?

    I am looking to get a side by side 3X18650 light for hiking and biking and such. But so far I haven't really found a light that I like a lot, here is a list of what I have looked at so far and why they suck.

    Jetbeam rrt-3: Holy crap expensive, stuff on the tail cap other than just a switch, holy crap expensive.

    Ultrafire knock off of above light: Cost WAY to much for a knock off, like $180(I think, its been a bit and I don't remember its name to look it up)

    cnqualitygoods 3X18650 XML light: Has no name, but that would fit nicely with my horse. Small OP reflector so not much throw, I have seen a test of it at about 20k lux . The switch is on the battery holder and looks to be a run of the mill junk that will not hold up under 2.8 amps for long. Also a T6/C1 binned led. I want T6/C3. It sure is cheap though.

    Legon II: I have no idea what the back story is on this light be all I know is I can't find it for sell anymore. It sure sounded good though.

    The 3X18650 Parallel version of the Megalennium : First holy crap expensive X2! With this I would need a head for it, so that means a M3 head and using D36 drop-ins(not much throw and icky heat transfer) or get a surefire turbo head and a nailbender tower unit( Holy $%!> expensive) with even crapper heat transfer. But It would be one hell of a nice light.

    Olight SR51: WHY YOU NO HAVE BIGGER TUBE AN USE 3X18650!?!?

    Sunwayman V60C: This is the light I am most likely going to get, but for some reason I can't get comfortable liking this light. It has an exposed positive and negative at the base for a gimmicky charger that goes with it, so I would be hesitant to just toss it into a pack with my gear. There is no warmer tent option. Its battery's are in serial. And my biggest gripe is its efficiency. In a test I seen done here on CPF its run time with 3.1AH battery's was 2:33. the battery's used had a capacity of 11.16WH and a XM-L on average uses 10 Watts when driven properly, so if the light was running perfectly efficient it would run for 3:20 if my math is right. So it seams that it is only running at %76 efficiency. I get that it has a lot of springs and such but with just a simple linear regulator you should be able to get around three hours...This light should do better

    So are there anymore 3X18650 lights that I missed?
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    Buttrock Re: Know of any obscure 3X18650 lights?

    Is there a reason you limit yourself to 3 18650's?

    If there was something with the brightness and run time you wanted, would that be OK too?

    To pick an obvious example: Lupine Betty Which is one version they have, the most expensive, but I had an easy to reach pastable link for it (There's others on that site too).

    They specialize in biking lights for example.

    If I knew the throw/flood ranges you were looking for, and run times, or how many lumens for how many hours, maybe we could come up with some other alternatives.

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    Default Re: Know of any obscure 3X18650 lights?

    I picked the 3X18650 side by side format because as far as I am condensed it is the best mix of capacity to size, and I don't have a long running XM-L as of now. What I want is something small and compact (holsterable) not a foot long, single XM-L led, with around three hours run time. I don't need a dedicated bike light much, but I do need long run time and a good bit of throw. I would be open to a 4x18650 if there was one out there besides the tm11.

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    Default Re: Know of any obscure 3X18650 lights?

    Check out the M60R it gets rid of your exposed contact issue. 800 Lumens nice form factor. would be my choice for a big light.

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    Default Re: Know of any obscure 3X18650 lights?

    Thanks for the suggestion, and I have looked at that light as well. But It can not fit 18650's. So the most run time you could get out of that is about a hour and a half, way to short for me.

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    Default Re: Know of any obscure 3X18650 lights?

    The $80 marketplace chinaqualitygoods light is called the DRY 3 XML and its a beast.

    As for the NiteEye also sold in the marketplace, looks good but also has the docking station style problem you speak of.
    Xtar 3xml light is another 3 18650 light
    The NiteCoreTM11 is a little more affordable, it's not the thrower that the JetIII XML is but it's a cool light.

    If you want a beast with runtime, what about the Fenix TK70 ?
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    Default Re: Know of any obscure 3X18650 lights?

    Or get 3 1x18650 flashlights and turn one on as the other one exhausts its battery...

    Or 2 flashlights, one a 2x18650 and the other 1x18650...

    Or, one flashlight and change battery once (if 2x18650) or twice (if 1x18650). Don't you take a break within these 3 hours?

    Or, get a headlamp which connects to a battery pack via wires, and use it as a flashlight, there are ones with 500 lumens or so coming out from Surefire. You can put the battery pack elsewhere since it will connect via a wire.

    Or, get an angelux XM-L modified light from Elektrolumens which takes 2xD batteries with most of the flashlight "shape" in an upward direction yet pointing forward...

    Use your imagination, there are many possible solutions!

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    Default Re: Know of any obscure 3X18650 lights?

    I have 1X18650 lights coming out of my ears, I have headlamps, and 2X18650 lights look like a squished piece of poo. Yes I take breaks but I hate fiddling around with cells out hiking, also I tend to go out from dusk tell dawn a lot so there is another reason to keep capacity per battery set high.

    I'm trying not to sound like I don't appreciate the advice but I know what format of light I want, and was just making sure there wasn't any out there in that format that I had not heard of.

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    Default Re: Know of any obscure 3X18650 lights?

    new thrunite 3 XML. check out HKJ's review. Ultrafire T70 is quite good looking.
    Xtar S1
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