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    I have never posted here before, so bear with me. I am looking for a new knife, a folder with pocket clip. I am a rancher and use knives daily, mostly cutting hay wrap or nylon string. I am looking for an avg. size knife, not expensive knife as it could be lost or broken, not likely but has happened, I HATE STAINLESS! If it don't rust I dont want it! my uncle would say, must be easy to re sharpen and hold an edge. Plain blade without serrations.
    If this is in the wrong place or either delete it or move it, thanks in advance to all who reply.
    My current carry is Boker pliers and a Moore Maker folder which is about worn out. I lost my Stone sheath knife year before last and finally found it, all ok just tarnished some..
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    The Spyderco Caly Superblue is available again as a sprint run. It is about the only non-stainless Spyderco makes as far as I know. I have a bunch of Spydies Larry, you might not be able to buy just one. I pm'd you a link for a Canadian dealer, you can likely find one closer.

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    Most "not expensive" ($50 or less) folders any more use some sort of stainless for the blade. My first thought would be an Opinel. Not the fastest knife to open, but it locks open, has a good carbon steel blade, and you can't beat the price. No pocket clip, but the handle is made of wood, it would be easy to screw one on.

    It does not address the problem of loss, but I have found that good quality knives ($50-150) last longer than the cheap knives I used to buy

    If you do decide to go with a higher end knife, I have found M2, M4, and Carpenter CTS-XHP steels to be easy to sharpen and hold an edge well. The last is a stainless, but I have found it to sharpen easier than most other stainless steels

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    A Benchmade Grip in D2 steel would work well, or the Benchmade Bone Collector, My choice would be a Spyderco Gayle Bradley that thing is tough as nails!

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    KOA Featherlight Hunter has G10 and a D2 blade, but don't think it has a clip. Not sure of others close your price range. But, might find the below chart helpful in your selection. I used to think Stainless = Garbage or tableware. Saw way to many junk knives made of "surgical stainless". Now know better. I do not have any folders in a HC steel, but all of my fixed blades (well, all two of them) are tool steels and I like them for fixed blades.
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