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    For sale is a anodized Ti clip(wvaltakis2/Chip), with Ti screws for the Legacy HDS.

    The clip is:
    for the wider offset screw holes
    deep carry, bezel down
    anodized dark blue
    comes with matching anodized Ti screws

    The clip is "used" but like new.... on some of the rough edges, there is some ano missing(not very noticeable at all). + on the underside of the clip(not noticeable when mounted), there is some ano missing from rubbing when disassembling head from body.

    The clip/screws look to never have been used, the wear is mostly from mounting and handling.

    asking $55 shipped USPS First Class w/DC# in USA

    heres a link to the original sales thread

    Barely noticeable ano wear on edge of clip.

    Underside wear from tailcap
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    Ill take it

    PM follows
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