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Thread: New to LED lighting - Need help Please......

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    Thinking New to LED lighting - Need help Please......

    hello all.. i am new to this forum.. i dont know if this the tread i should post but here we go..

    for first time... i am planing to build a light out of 1w x 20 LEDs.. for marine aquarium.

    Equipments i am planning to use.

    1W x 10
    20K LED = 350mA - 3.2V - 3.4V

    1W x 10
    465nm = 350mA - 3.2V - 3.6V

    12V 3.2A 38.4W 40W Switch Power Supply Driver

    Input Voltage: 110//220V ±15%
    Output Voltage: 12V DC
    Output Current: 0~3.2A
    Protection: Shortage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Voltage Protection
    Safety Compliance: CCC/ FCC / CE
    Working Temperature: 0~40℃

    2 x HDD Dual Heat Sink SATA Blower Fan

    Rated speed: 4,000rpm
    Air flow: 16cfm
    Noise: 29dB (A)
    Rated voltage: DC 12V
    Power: 4.32W
    Current: 0.36A


    leds and fans will be attached to the 1.5mm thick aluminium sheet with high temp silicone and screws. dc will stay by the wall plug.

    now... how to fix this thing? i mean adding resistors and all.... !

    i will be lighting this for 12 hours a day... sombody show me the light?

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    Default Re: New to LED lighting - Need help Please......

    Moving this to Beyond Flashlights, LED.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullzeyebill View Post
    Moving this to Beyond Flashlights, LED.



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    Default Re: New to LED lighting - Need help Please......

    We get into a lot more detail in dedicated reefing forums regarding building LED lights. Since this is a small tank, Nano-Reef would likely give you a lot more depth in terms of salt water applications.
    Since I build a lot of reef lights, the best I can do is advise against 1watt LEDs, unless you just happen to want a lot of low powered LEDs. A Cree XP-G at 700mA *easily* matches or exceeds the output of three of those (typically Chinese) 1watt LEDs.

    Next, individual 10k and 20k LEDs are a marketing gimmick because they are just a weak cool white with even less warm spectrum. Royal blues plus standard cool-whites or neutral-whites (2:1) are the way to go and will provide the best color.

    Last, the driver doesn't help you because it's just a basic 12volt supply. You need a buck type LED driver added to the 12volt supply for this. Or, a dedicated LED / AC power supply which doesn't cost much more.

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