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Thread: Nokero N100 $ Nokero N200 Solar LED Bulb Review - PICS!!!

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    Default Nokero N100 & N200 Solar LED Light Bulb Review

    Nokero N100 Solar Led Bulb & Nokero N200 Solar led Bulb Review:

    I am just going to flat out admit it, I am a solar nerd. I love all things that are alternative energy and quite avidly look for products that are self sufficient and require no further investment.

    The majority out there say, "Going green is not really going green when it still takes energy and resources to produce such a device."

    Energy cannot be created or destroyed, thus using natural or perpetual forms of energy as a fuel source is the idea here. Plain and simple the device is made and is powered by existing fuel sources that are not synthetic.

    Alternative Energy Facts:

    I can only reply with a straight answer and respond in saying a few things first:

    1) Solar, Thermo-Electric (Heat) and Electro-Mechanical (Wind Turbines - DC Motor Only) all have one thing in common is that only produce a DC power.

    2) DC-to-AC Conversion is wasting half the power and if you are going from 12v to 110v etc..

    3 )The reason its is going green, is that there is no further investment in providing fuel to power or store a charge. The sun, waste heat and wind are all things that are mainly perpetual(never stops in our lifetime), which is why alternative energy is great.

    4) Our infrastructure is meant to be setup for convenience. A customer buys a house and wants to have power tied and just pay a monthly premium. AC devices are inefficient and are bulky.

    You can think of DC(As Diesel) and AC(Conventional Gasoline). One is far more efficient and providing more work output. As a result we all know which one will be the least total investment and impact.

    5) These are facts and if you want to do a little research, please do as it is really fascinating.

    Enough with the ranting but just wanted to get a few facts straight as I know that there is lots of information out there but I am doing my best to break it down for a basic review.

    The products I am going to review can be purchased at Nokero.com, amazon, ebay and etc...So these are every day things that you and I(normal person?) can buy to use for anything. I am not working for the company or associated in any way.

    Nokero N100:

    The first product is made by the company called Nokero and its model number is the N100. It has five flood, frosted and white leds to ensure that there is even coverage like a single power led would do or back in the days a filament. Its design is what makes it so special, it is shaped like a light bulb and does what it should, light up.

    It has four solar panels that are on the outside of the casing and help charge the internal single 1000mah nimh aa battery. It claims to be able to charge the battery in a day which would indicate 6-8hrs of charge time with solar peak hours(effective hours from dawn to dusk are typically 6-10hrs and it varies by location).

    With the new battery at twice the capacity it will now take two days to charge but with one full charge you can run a week or so with a few hours of usage a night.

    I had swapped out the battery with a Tenergy Centura LSD NiMh AA battery and tested the device out as its going to be used everyday. I and we all need to see what amount of light it puts out and is it useable.

    I have taken pics of the device and they are below as shown:

    Nokero N100 Solar Led Bulb(Un-Modded) and here is a general picture of the Nokero N100:

    It comes with a clip to hang it where you please. I have just taken a small ball magnet to hang it from any metal surface.

    Then there is a single push button for on (auto) or off(just to charge the internal battery). When on it will turn off the light and charge the internal cell just like your typical solar garden lights but much brighter, of course.

    Second pic is with the frosted screw cover off. You can see the five LEDs put off white light in the 6000K + range as its looks rather greenish/blue to me.

    Then you can see the sliding battery door to allow change of battery. This is handy of you just want to put your own cell or just use it as a AA NiMh charger.

    Third pic is with the battery out and showing the general size as its rather compact for a bright light and is smaller than a e26/e27 size fixture. They say not to screw it in as it will not fit a standard fixture.

    Forth pic of the un-modded Nokero N100. The tint is a little blue/green and is your typical white light output. This is a shot for general reference as this is going to light a 10ft x 10ft space pretty good as enough to read a book or whatnot.

    Fifth pic is showing the modded light(I took out all the 5mm LEDs and had put in a Cree XP-G R5). Then put a little extra wire so I can bend it out of the way for battery removal.

    It lights up my bathroom great and when un-modded it puts out approximately 13.5 Lumens(Manufacturer Spec) and when modded its about 40+ Lumens(cree XP-G @ 150mA = 58+ lumens). I would say its around 30-40 lumens of nice diffused light. You are going to loose some of the light with the orange peel diffuser lens.

    Then here is all three lights together.
    From left to right

    (Nokero N200, Nokero N100(Modded with Cree XP-G R5), then the Nokero N100(Un-Modded)

    The Nokero N200 on the far left is on the low setting and is very bright for having four 5mm frosted warm LEDs which will last 16+hrs on low and 8+ hrs on high.

    Then the other two N100's are on their only setting which will last 16+ hrs(The cell these all came with was a 1000mah AA NiMh battery so life can be doubled with any LSD AA battery.


    Nokero N200 - Un-Modded as I love the warm tint of the LEDs and it is awesome as it. Might put a XP-G R5 in the future but might look for a XP-E for a warmer tint.

    This thing is bright and has a 3 position slide switch for 2- off- 1 modes. @ is high and 1 is low. This model allows for the single poly silicon panel to be adjusted for maximum light capture or positioning the light in any direction.

    Here is a pic of the light as you can see the head swivels and comes with a clip for easy attachment. I have also put a ball magnet on the clip as it allows for easy attachment to a metal surface.

    Then here is a pic with the head moved so you can see the single solar panel and waterproof 3 position switch(2-off-1) or (Hi-off-low).

    Then here is the last pic to show how bright it is by itself. This is by far the best bang for the buck of the two but love them both. They are light, compact and require no further investment as the sun is abundant here in Arizona.

    Then for the last pic is all three of them together again as to show you that they all put out 30+ lumens of flood and will last a couple nights on.

    The N200 sells for $18-$30 and the n100 sells for $$12 - $30. I found both of these for a great deal and will get a few more as time passes as its amazing to see DC power self sufficient.

    Thanks for reading my review and thanks for all of the other reviews and comments on here as it sure helps on making decisions. When buying from the Nokero manufacturer, they will donate some of the proceeds to third world efforts so if you want to help and save the environment go right ahead and do so.

    Westinghouse makes a white version which can be found for a couple dollars less than the original n200 but Westinghouse calls it their eco-sol light(got it on amazon). Then you can find the Nokero N100 on Ebay by searching for " Nokero ".

    Thank you,
    Eric Ramirez
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    Default Re: Nokero N100 $ Nokero N200 Solar LED Bulb Review - PICS!!!

    Hi Eric,
    I am a sales associate at Nokero International. I have passed your N100 and N200 review around the office, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I would like to get in touch with you to talk about sending you some future generation samples. Send me your email address and and I will get in touch with you.

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    Default Re: Nokero N100 $ Nokero N200 Solar LED Bulb Review - PICS!!!


    First of all I had wanted to thank you on posting the reply on my post as most on here are out to heckle you just for no reason. I do a lot of research and hard work on my projects and hobbies and hope that you can consider me a loyal customer.

    The review has a duty of one thing and its making it clear on what the product is and does. I feel that I could contribute to such a cause as your great company and look forward in talking with you.

    My email is ama230@hotmail.com and my phone number is four eight zero two eight three three nine eight seven.

    Also can I have your contact details(email & phone) as I would like to talk in person if possible.

    Thanks you for your kind comments and time,
    Eric Ramirez
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    "When you do something right, no one remembers. When you do something wrong, no one forgets."
    Edison was right with dc all along...

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