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Thread: SPF - 'Special" McGizmo High CRI Titanium 6V Mule

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    Default SPF - 'Special" McGizmo High CRI Titanium 6V Mule


    (To my friends - don't worry! No financial problems - not giving up the hobby - still think McGizmos are the best overall - still have beautiful McGizmo treasures in my collection - just making some changes! )

    Yep, this one is special. Purchased on the forum . This is a titanium High CRI head (Nichia 119 emitter) with 2 tritium locators attached on either side on the emitter with Norland. The 2x123 McClicky pak is etched and you can see Don's "McG" marks at the base of the clip.

    I've run this head on 3V and 6V and it does fine with either, but it really shines the brightest on this 2x123 body.

    This light has been well cared for, and has no gouges or deep scratches. As is the norm with titanium, you may find a surface mark here and there, but I can't see any. It's lived in a safe and been used for the occasional photograph. Still, I won't claim 'mint', and if you want perfection please re-consider your purchase of this light.

    CONUS only for now - I have to leave town Monday and the post office will be closed, so I can't ship international until I return at the end of the week. Hopefully at this price it will be gone anyway! If it hasn't sold by Monday morning, I'll withdraw and re-list with international option on Friday.

    $400 shipped CONUS, insured, I pay the Paypal fees. (It's a bargain.) I have ONE trade interest - if you have a McGizmo 1x123 McClicky pak you'd be willing to trade, I'd take it and $250 - you pay shipping to me for the McClicky Pak - I pay fees, shipping and insurance to ship the Mule.

    As is the norm, once the light is put in the hands of the USPS, it is no longer my responsibility, but I will be providing insurance.

    First "I'll Take It" posted in this thread takes priority over all other communications

    Some eye candy....

    (Sorry for the blurry photo - just wanted to show the trits. Still bright)

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