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Thread: sunwayman t20cs emitter swap

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    Default sunwayman t20cs emitter swap

    i have a sunwayman t20cs and am planning to have the emitter swapped to a neutral. if anyone has already done this any information or advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    my brother disassembled the light today, he'll swap the emitter later. it was a bit difficult to remove the white plastic retainer covering the emitter. drilled two holes in the white retaining ring because it would not pop off from the back and we weren't sure how it was secured. turned out it that was not necessary as it is just pressed on very tightly. bummers about that. TOFTT. will post some pics later so those that plan on doing it won't have to struggle.
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    I'm thinking about doing the same thing to my T20CS. What emitter did you end up installing and how did it turn out?

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    Default Re: sunwayman t20cs emitter swap

    Have you guys tried this on a V20C? I tried briefly before, unsuccessfully...

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    gunga, i do not have a v20c.

    lt dan. i put in a T4 E5 bin. i think its around 4000k, warm side of neutral. for my eyes, warm/neutrals provide good color rendition. although you lose total lumens, the light output is more useful/usable and much easier on the eyes.

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