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Thread: screws for a digital camera casing

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    Default screws for a digital camera casing

    Anyone know where I could get some screws that would help me secure a digital camera casing? It's a Fuji F10, I bought it on ebay a while back and it's missing screws which I thing may be letting light in.

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    Default Re: screws for a digital camera casing

    Try writing to FUJI directly

    Also - if you think the problem is light getting in where the screws are missing, put some black tape over the holes and see if that fixes the problem, not a permanent fix, but it might help eliminate the problems
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    Default Re: screws for a digital camera casing

    Hi Rick,
    did you find your screws? These guys supply a range of micro screws:

    You will however need to find out what sort of thread the screw is and the type of head it. When contacting the company they will ask you this. Use a micro thread gauge to measure the screw size and have a look around their website to see what type of head it has. Most likely you will require material type A2 steel.


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