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Thread: whats a good $50 light to carry in ATV ?

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    Default whats a good $50 light to carry in ATV ?

    anyone know of a good under or around $50 light that's shockproof/waterproof "or water resistant" for carrying along with the tool kits ? I've got alot of pentagon/surefire "weapon" lights that'd be more than upto it but not looking to strip a rifle or spend another $250+ on an emergency use atv light. I've got a Photon II light on the keychain but need a good mid/high power torch incase I need to do a in the field check or maint. would prefer something 30+ lumen led,xenon etc. etc. doesn't matter much bulb type/color but I'm guessing led to be more shockproof. but after getting stuck and walking 2 friggin miles in the dark the other night with with nothing but a photon light I don't want i NEED a better light to carry

    Shockproof is main feature needed. I ride/drive hard on some pain in the neck/back trails "literally"

    prefer somthing that runs on AA or CR123A batteries since I have a large supply laying around
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    Default Re: whats a good $50 light to carry in ATV ?

    A Petzl headlmap. They now accept lithium cells so you won't have to worry about the batteries bleeding out. In fact any headlamp would be good. That way if you have to do any roadside maintenance you will have both hands free.

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    Default Re: whats a good $50 light to carry in ATV ?

    Jetbeam Ba10 or BC10, also if it comes with a holster, leave it in the holster while in your toolbox for extra padding
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    Default Re: whats a good $50 light to carry in ATV ?

    For $50, I'd get an XL200 and maybe the swiveling belt clip (but only if you go off roading with a belt on...). It's made for sportsmen. 172 lumens with a low setting of around 20 lumens so in an emergency it will last you for forever and in a pinch you can use it as a vehicle headlamp. XL50 if you want to cheap out at 105 lumens, like me. But this thing runs on AAA's...

    However, for $30 I'd get a Mini Maglite LED Pro+. Over 230 lumens on 2AA's (without a worrisome AAA battery carrier) with high and low settings, I see it as better adept and designed to absorb the shock of offroading. And maybe a cheap head/jackstrap if you want to go hands-free.

    You could get the a regular LED Mini Maglite also, that I think that might suit all of your needs fine. It's only 70 lumens but you'll get more battery life out of it because of that.
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    Whatever light you get, put it in something or wrap it with cloth so the tools don't beat it up and scratch the lense.
    I carry an Inova X5 in it's original black square plastic packaging in my ATV and snowmobile. Thousands of miles and no problems.

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    Default Re: whats a good $50 light to carry in ATV ?

    For under $50 shipped I just picked up the 2xAA Klarus ST20 from Harris Decoy. It's well built with a bright high (advertised 240 lumens), useful medium (125 lumens/5 hours), a long runtime on low, and extra moonlight mode that will illuminate for days. Disco modes are hidden so you don't need to deal with them until a real emergency. Runs on common AA's. Load it up with some primary lithiums, throw in the saddle bag, and forget about it until you need it.

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    Default Re: whats a good $50 light to carry in ATV ?

    Do you have a link to order at this price?

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