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Thread: Barbolight U-15 - Modder Wanted

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    Default Barbolight U-15 - Modder Wanted

    Hi There,

    I have a Barbolight U-15 (the 4 luxeon III version) that I would like to have 'upgraded' to a higher output say 900lm from the current 360lm, like the later U-15's had.

    Like to keep the same beam angle 5 degree's if possible, guessing a single relector based on screen shots I've seen of the later U-15's, maybe even keep the 4 LED's configuration with more powerful one's, I know the KLC8 was used in a later version before the single led version.

    Been reading and reading and to be honest I don't feel confident enough to attempt myself, know exactly what I need or more importantly have the tools to do it.

    Any assitance would be welcomed.


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