I'm not sure if either of those terms are correct, but that's what ive heard the European lights called before.

My wife owns a 2007 VW Jetta. I was not impressed with the stock halogen headlights even after installing Philips XV H7's. I found an online retailer that had the OEM Xenon option headlights at a great price, i ordered them and to my surprise they imported them direct from Germany, i received the lights last week and noticed that these appear to be "ece" lamps, the cutoff slope of the projector appears taller than the US version, it also has lever on the shield to make the cutoff flat, they have different projector lenses, the US light has a "line" on the lens to throw up light to illuminate road signs, these do not, but they still light up signs well. I guess my question is that if for some reason my wife gets into an accident, could the insurance company blame the lights for some reason since they are not "DOT" headlights? Or am i worrying too much?

Here are some pics of the markings on the lamps, and how the lever on the shield works (whats the levers purpose anyway?) Thanks, Joe

and a pic of the whole headlight:

Shape of cutoff: