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    hi all

    i have got 3 spare torch's here that im looking to MOD

    Torch's are

    3D cell Maglite
    4D cell Maglite
    6D cell Maglite

    Looking to fit this inside

    6*Cree 5-Mode 1200-Lumen White Light Drop-in LED Module

    Or Ebay item number

    Any one think its a good or bad idea. and what torch shall i mod

    also just letr u know im a security guard.

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    That would take alot of work. Mac's Customs used to sell a drop in kit. Not sure if it is drawing 4.8A(800x6). If it is you may also need to upgrade the standard maglight switch to a tailcap one that can better handle the current and not need replacing so often. It says max 8.4V. That gives you some options. You could use 5-7 NiMh "D" batteries, or get spacers and use a 2 Cell setup for 26650 batteries.
    Just a few thoughts

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    Like Got Lumens said, "That would take a lot of work." For not too much more money you could buy an assembled Chinese light with similar specifications. If you get a chance to buy a Mac's Customs light you will be pleased.

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