Hi - hoping someone can help me decide on the best purple/blue + red laser show. I have a green/red cheap twinkler that people love and had a red/purple grater type which was OK but sold it. I've narrowed it down to about 4 different ones that but getting confused whether to get another twinking type or a double lens one (budget is up to $150 as it's really just small gigs/parties). Ones I've shortlisted:

Shinp DL-22RP http://www.fleabay.com.au/itm/R-P-Pu...item1c1cc8b90a

LV628RB http://www.yourlaser.com/dj-equipmen...d-dmx-lv628rb/

LV658RB http://www.yourlaser.com/dj-equipmen...iolet-lv658rb/

FIT-S (RVP) http://www.cr-tec.hk/en/?c=main&a=pr...pro_id=114&t=4

Really appreciate if I can get some expert advice as to the best one to go with