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Thread: Tenergy TN160 NiMH Charger

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    Default Tenergy TN160 NiMH Charger

    What the general consensus of Tenergy chargers?
    This looks like a good charger, and cheaper ($29) than Maha.

    • 12 channels PWM switching fast charger with MUC control; its accurate voltage detection ensures no over-charging and under-charging.
    • Built-in IC and advanced Delta-V charging control function.
    • 12 independent charging channels for individual charging and detection: AA & AAA, NIMH/ NICD can be mixed when charging. The battery can be placed at any channel of the charger.
    • Suitable only for1.2v AA/AAA NIMH/NICD batteries.
    • Constant current charging mode with –ΔV detection, ensures fast charging.
    • 8 hours safety timer ensures extra safety.
    • Easy to use: simply connect the adaptor to charger, plug charger into household electric outlet and insert battery into the battery compartment. Charger will start charging automatically.
    • Over-heat, over-current, short-circuit, & reverse polarity protection, (mechanically) ensures that charger and batteries will not be damaged when users insert batteries with reversed polarity.
    • Large LCDs indicate charging status.
    • Charger comes with refresh function.
    • DC adaptor with wide AC input voltage 100-240V, designed for worldwide usage.
    Output Characteristics
    Rated Charging Current (Normal Charging)
    AA: (2.0A ×0.25 ±10%) ×12CH @ CV=1.2V (duty cycle 0.25)
    AAA: (1.0A ×0.25 ±10%) ×12CH @ CV=1.2V (duty cycle 0.25)

    Trickle Current
    AA: (2.0A ×0.025 ±10%) ×12CH @ CV=1.2V (duty cycle 0.025)
    AAA: (1.0A ×0.025 ±10%) ×12CH @ CV=1.2V (duty cycle 0.025)

    Charging Mode: Constant current charging
    -△V Detection

    Wish: 1) Super low beacon; easy find flashlight. 2) Low voltage indicator, so not stranded without light. 3) Simple, one handed control ring mode changer (magnetic control ring). 4) Flood beam for walking/tasks. 5) Pocket carry. 6) LiFePO4.

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    Default Re: Tenergy TN160 NiMH Charger

    Seams interesting. I assume around 400-500 ma charging per cell. maybe their quality is getting better, who knows? I would try one out but i already own a maha mh-c808m charger.
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    Default Re: Tenergy TN160 NiMH Charger

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    Default Re: Tenergy TN160 NiMH Charger

    Hey, this Inquiring Mind wants to know, too. I'm about to acquire some more AA NiMHs, probably in a "combo" deal with a smart charger, and I'm doing my research before shelling out any money.
    I have a C808M and I like it, but after reading some negative reviews about a couple of the AA/AAA C8XX chargers, I'm being kinda picky about what I buy.

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