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Thread: Driver for XML for automotive aplication ?

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    Default Driver for XML for automotive aplication ?

    I need driver for automotive aplication.I making LED bar for ATV fro driving in wood
    I founded this ( 6-18V 3000mA 3-Mode Circuit Board for XM-LT60 Emitters ): https://www.google.com/#hl=en&sclien...=1920&bih=1040

    but there are no stock anywhere. i tried to buy on DY, buyonme they refunded me, and i need this ASAP

    Maybe can help somebody and say where are they available ?


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    Default Re: Driver for XML for automotive aplication ?

    get a 30W Diamond Glow DRIVING light or a 72W Diamond Glow light bar from callieskustom on ebay or callieskustoms.com
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