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Thread: Video output help.

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    Default Video output help.

    I know this isn't anything to do with flashlights but i am hoping some of you who have had experience with diy projectors and stuff might have some knowledge on this.

    Bit of background information first. I found my old gameboy advance in the attic the other day and started playing with it, trouble is that my mp3 player has a better screen than this thing, the GBA has some potential that is wasted with the original screen. So I'm working out how to modify it to display the image on a television screen, i have no prior experience with this sort of thing but I reckon it doesn't need to be as expensive and complicated as other people have made it.

    Anyway first question, if I send an RGB signal to my television will it be able to display the image?
    I can get an RGB to PAL converter if I need to.

    Also is it as simple as soldering the 16 video wires going to the gameboy screen to 1 composite cable?

    I've never done anything like this before so I'd be very grateful for any help, suggestions or questions.

    I know there are devices available that just plug into the gameboy and the tv but they're hard to find and unrealistically expensive.
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    Default Re: Video output help.

    Most would just play using an emulator on their PC/tablet/phone.

    Google: gameboy advance emulator

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