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Thread: SOLD: Blue Boy -- A Mosaic Damascus RCR123 Twisty

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    Default SOLD: Blue Boy -- A Mosaic Damascus RCR123 Twisty

    Sorry, but this light has been sold.

    Blue Boy Mosaic Damascus RCR123 Twisty

    This light is made from Mosaic Damascus made by Chad Nichols and has been nitre blued, yielding a deep navy blue color with silver lines. Photographing the light does not reveal its true beauty though--it is hard to capture the varying shades of blue as the angle of view changes.

    Some specs:
    • Mosaic Damascus by Chad Nichols
    • RCR123 battery
    • Mini FluPIC three-level driver
    • Seoul P4 LED -- U2SVOH -- pure white beam
    • Khatod stippled reflector
    • Mineral glass lens
    • O-ring sealed
    • Nitre blued
    • Twist operation

    Price: $750.00 includes worldwide shipping via First Class Mail. Insurance or other delivery options would be extra.

    First to post an, "I'll take it," gets it.

    PayPal to: fanatic@photonfanatic.com, please.

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    Default Re: FS: Blue Boy -- A Mosaic Damascus RCR123 Twisty

    I'll take it. PM sent

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    Default Re: FS: Blue Boy -- A Mosaic Damascus RCR123 Twisty

    What a beautiful light.. Nice snag especially 6 months after it was listed!
    During the day when I don't need a torch ... RC is my hobby http://rc.runryder.com/helicopter/gallery/47842/Always on the lookout for McGizmo/Kuku Titanium torches with Trits..

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    Default Re: FS: Blue Boy -- A Mosaic Damascus RCR123 Twisty

    Quote Originally Posted by Goldy View Post
    I'll take it...

    Fred's workmanship and creativity is peerless*

    *in my very-biased-as-owner but humbly confident opinion
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