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Thread: Titanium D36 Head for the 26650 Host! INTEREST!!

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    Arrow Titanium D36 Head for the 26650 Host! INTEREST!!

    I know it has been a while but I was just curious if there is still interest in the 26650 Titanium D36 Head? If there is I will work on the cost as I know the material cost will be pretty high for the diameter of the material needed.

    This will be for just the Titanium D36 head for the 26650 host.

    It will include the Head, Crenulated Bezel, Double AR Coated Lens. All you will need is a Ogaz/TnC 26650 Host and a Nailbender D36 Dropin. If you need to order a Drop-in from Nailbender please let him know what host the drop-in is for so it will be the correct length.

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