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I think they should abandon the focusing ability on their LED models and work on improving the beam pattern. About the unneccesary length, very true. I just got the TK50 and was taken back a bit at the size of it. It's definitely smaller than a 2D Mag by a couple inches. I'll have to compare but I think it may even be shorter than the ML100 2C. Love it.
For the flashaholic the TK50 is a better light than any Maglite. However Joe Average Consumer doesn't care, he shouldn't have to, and he can get a beater light with a good warranty for a third of a price of the Fenix TK50 ($85 vs $29 ... or even cheaper). Again you are comparing Toyotas to Porsches and complaining, that they are not the same.

@yellow: Their target market doesn't care about length, heat sinking, regulation, multiple levels and disco modes, spare parts or modding. They care about getting a cheap light with a good warranty.