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Thread: Possible Problems At ??

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    Question Possible Problems At ??

    Hi folks, 1st post here, should have registered before. Greatforums !

    Have used green lasers for years and still enjoy my 200mw'er very much. Have an associate - at another site told me about one he recently got at and is their 1 Watt Blue for $199.99 shipped. Yipee ! Great price and I've been thinking about getting one ever since WL came out with their Artic here is same power for a hundred bucks less.

    The guy states he loves his and didn't mention any difficulty receiving it. So I made the purchase online, saw that they take paypal. I chanced to have the cash in my account so I went ahead and paid that way.

    So 5 days go by and I get an email from them saying they're having some kind of problem with their PP account. They ask if it would be okay if they refunded me my money, through PP of course, and then contact them back and re-purchase a different way, like with a credit card. In doing so, they will grant me a 15% discount for my trouble. I immediately responded with a I want to get any problem cleared up as soon as possible.

    I received and responded to this email last Saturday night, 3/3. Hopefully the refund will be executed today (Monday). I will probably continue on with the purchase and get the discount.....but I'm thinking that I will want them to tell me what is wrong with the PP account, why they can't get it fixed, and why they haven't taken down PP acceptance from their website yet.

    Anyone else hearing of any such troubles at ??

    Thanks for any useful comments in advance !


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    Default Re: Possible Problems At ??

    Follow up 3/5 Promised refund was received via paypal. Just wish they had gotten on this sooner as my money was tied up there for almost 7 full days. They are still offering me a 15% discount to call back and re-purchase via a different method.

    Does seem like they would drop paypal off their website though as a payment method.


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