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Thread: Zebralight SC600W impressions

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    Popcorn Zebralight SC600W impressions

    Hello all,
    Just picked up a lightly used (looks new to me) zebralight SC600W yesterday and thought I would give my impressions on it after 24 hours. A bit of background so you know where I am coming from....prior to finding the forum about 2 years ago, thought my MagLight 3D with Mag LED upgrade was about the best thing possible. Got really interested in learning about the high power incandescent mods, but never got around to making one.
    Started dabbling in brighter budget lights with a lowes aspheric (can't remember the brand) and a couple AKoray lights. I used the K106 as an EDC for a while, even got a lithium ion battery for it. Didn't like the short run times so tried an K109 but the threads weren't quite right. it worked, but didn't feel right. Moved back to the K106 until it started acting flaky. Finally moved to a ITP A3 EOS which I have been carrying everywhere for a couple years. It has went everywhere and never failed, even after being run over by a large postal truck. Even took it with me to the Boundry Waters (Northern Michigan) last summer.

    I wanted something brighter and loved some of the usage stories of the 600 to 800 lumen lights such as the Klarus KT11, but never have cared for the tail cap switches. I tend to carry a light walking with my arm in a natural hanging position, and the tail switch doesn't let me switch modes without readjusting my hold. The Zebralight SC600 was mentioned and after reading about it decided I would like to try one. Considering all my other lights, this was going to be a splurge on a higher end light. About that time, the lights went out of stock about everywhere. I found a member who had a warm version for sale and jumped on it.

    The light was waiting for me after work yesterday. I opened the box and my first thought was this thing is way too small to put out the light that I am told it would. Second thought is there is no way that the XML emitter can really be that small. I was very impressed with the fit and finish of the light. I don't see any flaws anywhere. I suppose people who are connoisseurs may find a flaw, but for the average person, I think it is great.

    I grabbed a salvaged laptop battery and slid it into the light and clicked it on. It was a very sunny day and I was beside a window with sun coming directly into the shop. Hmm.. it doesn't seem ALL that bright but I could still see the beam. It must not be on high! So I turned it around and looked at the LED. Drat! Now all I can see is spots. This thing is bright! After letting my eyes clear a bit I took it in the house and played around some more.

    I took it into the bathroom as it doesn't have windows and compared it to the ITP. I hadn't realized how much that a cool white LED washed out colors. When shining on a colorful poster, it almost looked black and white with the ITP as compared to colors popping out with the zebra. The beam is very nice putting a lot of light over a large area. A large even hotspot with an extremly large corona that lights up almost the entire wall. I know some people have complained about green tints, but I don't notice any. Not saying there may not be any, but for somebody who doesn't really know what to look for, it is not noticeable.

    I couldn't wait until full dark, so right at dusk I took it outside and turned it on high. Wow, you could see it quite a ways into the backyard, even though it isn't fully dark. Last night had a pretty full moon with some cloud cover so wasn't the perfect day to test, but still, once the sun was fully down, I could pretty much light up my entire back yard without moving the light. The edge of the property is about 200 feet from my back door and you could see the entire 200' deep by about 100' wide inside the "hotspot" The corona flood was enough that you could tell if something was to the side enough to point the light over there. I could tell the light was going into the field, enough to notice if an animal was moving our there, but not enough to identify it. I compared it to the above mentioned 3D maglight. With the Mag focused as a spotlight, it certainly lit up a 10' diameter spot brighter than the zebra, but there is no way it could light up the 100' radius the zebra did, even unfocused. I think it will be very nice to keep track of the dog at night.

    Later on, I was working on some electronics and trying to reverse engineer how it worked (or didn't in this case...) and needed to read the markings on some surface mount ICs. The print was very small and hard to read even with my readers on. I used the zebra on medium low and the warm light was wonderful and made the lettering much easier to see. The Cool white ITP was almost no help. In this case the light was about 3 inches from the part and my eyes about 9 inches away. The even flood lit up enough of the board to easily see and didn't glare like a thrower does.

    I would really like to get out in the woods with it. Even though I seem to be easily impressed with throwers, after a single day with the zebra, I think I am really going to like it camping. With the wide beam I should be able to see the ground at my feet to miss stepping in the gopher hole as well as see the trail. With the mag light and other lights I have, I have to keep moving the light around to see everything.

    Overall, I am very pleased with it, but darnit, I think it may have awoke a need for more lights.

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    Thanks for sharing your impressions. I love my sc600w.

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    Default Re: Zebralight SC600W impressions

    Yeah, I have the ZL SC600W version too, and I like the floodlight form the "penlight" sized light. If your eyes are night adjusted, you can actually see further than 100', 50 yards or so...and the colors do look right for a change while doing it...which is nice.

    For camping, floody beams like the ZL's are most useful, as typically, you're just trying to see where you're going, what you're doing...not searching for snipers, etc. Where throw is nice when camping is when a bear, or coyotes, or whatever eats your lunch, or kids, etc...might be lurking off in the distance, or you are doing some night fishing in a large lake, and you're trying to find your way back to the dock, etc.

    So, you have your "Gateway light", and, well, your future looks bright.

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    Default Re: Zebralight SC600W impressions

    I was going to ask what you thought of it!
    Like it, and the tint?

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    Default Re: Zebralight SC600W impressions

    also it has some crazy run times on low, like for a tent night light...

    L1 2.8Lm (280hrs) or L2 0.1Lm (80days)

    And L1 is Almost too bright in a tent for a nightlight, L2 works good.

    Ya know, i miss it already! After the varapower turbo lands , I am going to regroup and buy another SC600w this summer!

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    Default Re: Zebralight SC600W impressions

    Screw it. Just put in order for SC600W. Ever since I got the SC600 I've not bought any other flashlights, nothing looks good in comparison. I'll check in on CPF every few weeks hoping something new is out but always end up being disappointed. So tonight happened to be one of those days where I checked CPF. Again ended up being disappointed, then I saw this thread, and it was enough motivation to just order a SC600W. I had told myself I wouldn't get both a SC600 and a SC600W, because that'd be silly, but if nothing else is worthy might as well just have two of the best . Also ordered a 3100mah EagleTac battery from Illumination Gear. Wish someone would make a titanium body for the SC600, that would be sick. I could see buying that. Not sure how hard it would be to swap internals, never tried taking my SC600 apart.

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    I have the SC600 &SC600w. I have no regrets in having purchased both. They are both great lights. CW for Urban environments & Neutral for Rural and indoors.

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    Default Re: Zebralight SC600W impressions

    I was reluctant to buy the SC600 trying to wait on the warm version, ended up waiting too long (out of stock everywhere). I finally found them in stock at one of my favorite parts vendors. I've had my SC600w for around a week and I gotta's the best light purchase I've made in quite a while.

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    Nice review! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I've had my sc600w since late December and I have to agree with most of the above comments about the pros of the light. The one thing that bothers me Nice review! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I've had my sc600w since late December and I have to agree with most of the above comments about the pros of the light. The one thing that bothers me, on my sample, is the tint. On H1 it is okay but as I lower the levels I can begin to detect some green. I personally prefer a "peachy" 3700k-4000k beam that is somewhere in between the current run of Malkoff m61w and the sc51c. I have tried to remove the bezel to install a filter behind the lens but my bezel is glued pretty well and refuses to budge.

    I have also recently purchased an sc60w from zebralight on clearance. The tint on the XPG is much better IMHO with no tint shift like my sc600w sample. Just a nice creamy with a touch of peach beam. It is also smaller which is a plus.

    I use my Zebralights in my rotation more than any other brand at the moment. The sc61c is a tiny AA that I jeans pocket carry on a Tec suspension clip more than any other light. The Hi CRI beam is gorgous on my sample! The sc60w is also great on a suspension clip while wearing cargo shorts. I love the way my sc600w can slip away in a larger pocket or jacket without being noticed. I also have a h51c on the way to add to the collection. I plan to diffuse the lens for a soft hotspot. It shall be my ultimate nightstand light.
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    Default Re: Zebralight SC600W impressions


    Like you I was a late adopter and without a doubt the SC600/SC600w were the first lights to tempt me from my AA eneloop only stance back to 18650 lights. The one advantage of being a late adopter with the Zebralight models is you benefit from getting the finished product after all the little kinks and necessary changes are implemented.

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