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Thread: V10A arrived

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    Greenish? No way. I've demo'd 4 V10A, 2 V20A and 6-7 V10R all XML and all skewed more towards blue/violet if you will. These are all recent mind you. The RRT-0 S2... Now that's a green light. A few LD10 we have also are unfortunately greenish.

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    Default V10A arrived

    Just got my first Sunwayman. I really like the variable setting.
    Built well and feels very solid. The beam is a nice neutral white. Hot spot is a good size.
    Haven't been outdoors yet. Will post when I get the chance.

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    Default Re: V10A arrived

    Awesome light. Did you get the XM-L or XP-G?
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    Default Re: V10A arrived

    Got the XP-G, was a little cheaper.

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    Default Re: V10A arrived

    Nice. I received my V10A a few weeks back. Got the xml version. It's a nice little light.

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    Default Re: V10A arrived

    I have been looking at this light. Perhaps you new owners can help answer a few questions for me.

    XP-G can go to 140 lumens with AA (Alkaline, NiMH, or Lithium primary).
    XM-L T6 can go to 110 lumens with AA (Alkaline, NiMH, or Lithium primary), but can go to crazy bright 460 lumens with 14500.

    Why can't XM-L go to 140 lumens with AA (Alkaline, NiMH, or Lithium primary)?
    Also, can you adjust the magnetic ring using single hand operation?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: V10A arrived

    I think I read due to the efficiency of the XML emitter, the output was lower as measured from OTF but is still yielding better output at specific voltages.
    I got the XP-G most because of price, the XML was $20+ more. I use eneloops in mine and output in nice.

    You can use the ring with one hand, just have to reposition the light after you turn it on. Takes a little practice, but seems natural enough.

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    Default Re: V10A arrived

    Not sure as to why one is brighter than the other. My reason for choosing the xml version was it has less of a defined hotspot. I use my EDC light mostly indoors so I find it easier on the eyes with the less throwy beam. The ring can be controlled with one hand.

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    Default Re: V10A arrived

    i absolutely love my xm-l v10a. it's so great. it puts up a nice, usable wall of light, at least with a 14500 AW.
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    Default Re: V10A arrived

    Mine is in the mail. Hopefully it arrives before my camping trip this weekend. I wonder how the ring handles sand?


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    Default Re: V10A arrived

    how is the tint?

    sunwayman xml's are all said to be greenish (if you are honest to yourself)

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