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    Hello all. I have been a lurker here for quite some time, but just recently joined. I have read reams of great information here, but I still have a couple of questions and would like some input.

    I have a 2001 Ford Chassis motorhome, the headlampls need some help. The headlamps look very similar to Ford Contour lamps, but are not exactly the same, basically the turn indicators are on the opposite side of the lamps. Anyway I was thinking of replacing the 9006 lamp with a with a 9012 lamp. The low beam has a bulb shield, so I am thinking the 9012 will work well in this position. The high beam lamp does not have a bulb shield which I find quite odd. Is my only option for high beam a 9005 lamp? What about a another 9012 in the high beam location? I can't seem to find a 9005 X-Treme Power bulb. Any advice would be most appreciated.

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    Perhaps they are Mercury Mystique lamps. Please show us a photo of your headlamps. Make sure they are genuine Ford headlamps (check the lenses for Ford brand logo); if they are aftermarket items from DJAuto, Depo, TYC, etc., then you will definitely want to replace them with genuine Ford items because the aftermarket lights are junk even if they are in brand-new condition (which, since your motorhome is 11 years old...they probably aren't!). Whether or not a 9012 bulb is safe to use depends on whether whatever lamps you have, have a full-cap type bulb shield. Here's where a close photo of the lamps will help us help you. A ring-type bulb shield will not be adequate; it must fully cap the low beam bulb. High beams almost never have bulb shields. A 9012 won't fit in place of a 9005; you'd want to use a 9011. Philips makes the only legitimate 9011 and 9012 presently on the market. It is very likely part of your difficulty seeing is caused by long lengths of thin wire creating unacceptable voltage drops in the headlamp circuit; see here for information about this and how to fix it with relays. And of course the lamps must be aimed correctly.

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    Thank you very much for your reply. I have read dozens of your posts, and hoped you would reply. Unfortunately the lamps are TYC brand, the lenses are in very good condition as the coach was stored inside when not in use. I will measure the voltage drop and proceed as necessary. Would it be worth it to replace the bulbs in these lamps being they are TYC brand? Here are a couple of pictures. Any advice very much appreciated.

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    those look like mid 2000's chevy malibu headlights, either way, getting a OEM set, and checking for voltage drop will help

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    Yup, they are Chevrolet Malibu items, and you will really need to get genuine GM lamps no matter what bulbs you eventually run, if you want to see safely at night.

    This lamp does not really have a full-cap type bulb shield; note the slots in the front of the shield. This may or may not allow distracting glare through, depending on the angles involved; once you have the genuine GM headlamp you would need to try out an HIR2 bulb and scrutinize the headlamp carefully from a variety of angles with the low beam on. If you find angles where you get "zapped" (you see the filament through the shield) then the answer is "no".

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    Agreed these do seem to be Malibu lamps. Thanks to all those that replied, very much appreciated!

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    I was going to guess Olds Cutlass.

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