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Thread: Can anyone fix my Arc AA, please?

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    Default Can anyone fix my Arc AA, please?

    For years it was lost; and now is found: unfortunately, with a battery in it which has leaked. I've removed the dead cell but now with a fresh one in the Arc does light but only dimly. Would a kind modder be prepared to restore it for me, please?

    Thank you,


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    Default Re: Can anyone fix my Arc AA, please?

    I bet it's just fine, with dirty contacts. Look at them. Is the metal shiny? Try gently brushing the (+) one with a pencil eraser to clean any residue. Wipe the eraser on paper, then do the same to the (-) spring, and the same treatment to any contact collars (I think the Arc AA screws into the body, contacting on the flat ring). See if it works better now.
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    Default Re: Can anyone fix my Arc AA, please?

    Thank you, A.A.S.,

    But I'm not quite with you re 'the (-) spring': as far as I'm able to see there is no spring in the Arc AA. The bottom of the battery-cell touches a raised, circular 'land' of metal at the foot of the case; and the pip atop the cell bears against the underside of the Arc's head when it is screwed-down. Nonetheless, I'll follow your advice about using a pencil-eraser; and I thank you for it. (I'll let you know how it goes.)

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    Default Re: Can anyone fix my Arc AA, please?

    Hello again, A.A.S.: tried what you said: nil improvement. When I first switch-on the Arc AA by twisting the head down there's an initial flare of light which in a fraction of a second settles-down to a mere glimmer. And no matter how slowly I screw-down the head that momentary lighting-up cannot be maintained.

    I think there's something wrong in the head, so to speak. So I ask again: will anyone repair my Arc AA for me, please?


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