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Thread: Rainer Head on a Logan 17500 body

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    Default Rainer Head on a Logan 17500 body

    I finally ordered a Rainer after Bob tried the head switch for me. The allure of the longer run time of a 17500 finally convinced me to try one.
    The only other Peak mountains capable of putting out 400+ lumens are the Eiger X and the Vesuvius. The Eiger X has decent run time on a 10440, twice as long as a regular Eiger since it is direct drive. I never knew a boost circuit was such a drain until I talked with Bob.
    Bob also said there will be a Volcan X with a new design and body compatibility capability but I think I'll wait until Bob or Curt says more. I will be interested in this new model once it is released.
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    Default Re: Rainer Head on a Logan 17500 body

    If I could I'd change the name of the thread to "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"
    The Good--My Light arrived today and in the aggregate, I am very happy with it.
    The head fits & preforms flawlessly on my Logan 17500 QTC body.
    The smooth reflector is free of fingerprints others complained of.
    My Momentary switch operates smoothly.
    The Bad--- Nothing really, except that I now have another spare body for my
    parts drawer.
    The Ugly--All the artifacts in the beam, when white-walled. Even the hotspot
    looks appeared irregular. In the real world the beam isn't that bad
    and with a strip of Scotch magic tape the beam smooths out and is
    just as pretty as my Logan, even on a white wall, but a lot brighter
    and floodier.

    I am very happy with this set-up.
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    Default Re: Rainer Head on a Logan 17500 body

    Now that I have played with this light for a few hours, I like it even more than a Logan head
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