Hey guys. I was out snowboarding the other night at a local mountain. 8pm rolled around and some super heavy fog set in (10-15' visibility). The mountain pretty much cleared out of people and instead of packing it in i decided to head down to my car and grab my Fenix PD31 (304Lm). It helped tremendously, I was able to cruse down the mountain at a reasonable and safe speed for the rest of the night. It was pretty funny, every time i passed a group of people i could here them say "wow that's a good idea" or "holly crap that's bright".

Now i know brighter doesn't always mean better, especially in fog. But i ran into another guy at the bottom of the lift who had a dual mounted helmet light which had to be easily three times as bright as my Fenix (im thinking dual XM-L?). It was a smaller unit, one LED had a wider lens then the other. One for flood and one for throw? Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to catch up with him and chat.

Looked similar to the Lupine Piko 3 but was in a all silver/aluminum housing.

Any thoughts?