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  • 10MM MCPCB w/ XML U2 1C

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Thread: FEELER: XML U2 1C Group Buy?

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    Wink2 FEELER: XML U2 1C Group Buy?

    So I'm looking into buying some LEDs in volume, but the minimum order to get (legit) XML U2 1Cs is really high. 400 pieces in fact. I don't have exact pricing yet but at (roughly) $10 each that's $4,000.00 of LED's. I can't afford that

    I know you can get these other places, but another reason I'm ordering these is to get the exact MCPCBs that I want. I have not been able to find these anywhere else. I use 20mm stars and the ones I'm ordering for my own use are 2mm thick. I've found these perform significantly better than the more common 1.6mm star, in terms of maintaining lumens over time. I can't speak to the 14mm or 10mm boards but I can find out if anyone cares.

    Okay, here is what I know so far:
    • I need to move (through the group buy) about 200 LEDs
    • Don't know pricing yet but I hope to know quite soon. I expect it will be about the same as other places.
    • At this time I "think" it's possible to order the XMLs in any configuration (bare, 20mm, 14mm, 10mm) and will be priced accordingly
    • The above will necessitate pre-payment and a 5pc minimum per order per somewhere around a $50 minimum
    • All of this is theoretical and I'll start a separate group buy thread if this starts to smell like a good idea
    Please post your interest, what configuration you are most interested in and questions, comments, concerns.

    I'd actually like to place the order ASAP so don't delay or you'll miss out or it might not happen at all if it doesn't look like I can get you all interested in about 200 pieces.


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    Default Re: FEELER: XML U2 1C Group Buy?

    Hi Jason,

    If you dont find the amount of interest you need for this perhaps you could purchase a lot of the PCBs you want and reflow them your self. Cutter electronics sells U2 1C bare ( and on all the star sizes you mentioned but probly on the 1.6mm thick PCB)

    If your supplier wont sell just the PCBs you want, another option is to have a batch made. This too requires a large quantity but member datiled had it done for XMLs before and may be willing to point you in the right direction.

    Good luck with your venture.
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