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    Default SPY'S

    There are meny like it, but these are mine. The Dark one was done by Laser and is dark with a hint of gold in the sun light. It was also up-gradded to an XM-L and is perfect in everyway. I never leave without out a spy, for some reason I just can't do it.

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    sweeeeeet!!!! I will have a spy one day.
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    Congrats on a very impressive collection of SPYs
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    Now THAT is impressive!

    Here is my one and only. I need to add a regular 007 to the mix!


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    Hi Corey,

    i am very happy to see the light in your collection,
    its good contrast to the rest of your spys.
    i will update the post with my pics from the dark when i back home in the next days.

    Thanks and a lot of fun *Laser*

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