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Thread: Handguns in the dark.

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    Default Handguns in the dark.

    Iím sure many of you have firearms at home. If the lights were out, how would you find your gun? There are some GID grips. However, most firearms are kept in dark draws and closets. Has anyone considered adding a tritium rod/bead to a handgun grip (wood, plastic, etc.)?

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    Default Re: Handguns in the dark.

    Wouldn't store a gun where it was visible, wouldn't buy gun parts off of EBay, wouldn't put somebody's homemade parts on a gun, etc..

    But tritium sights are great, and maybe a fob vial on the case it's stored in..

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    Default Re: Handguns in the dark.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eeyore View Post
    If the lights were out, how would you find your gun?
    I would use my flashlight. By the time I'm close enough to something in a drawer or closet to see a tritium vial, I may as well have my hands on it. Seriously, hide something GITD inside a box or shelf and look for it in the dark - the glow isn't helpful until your hands are almost on it. Also I have two or three flashlights on my person all the time. The only exception is if I feel the need to SNEAK to find things.
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    Keep your home defense weapon in a known location to you. A spot you will always know to reach directly for and wont be fighting other items to reach for. nightstand next to the bed is typical, but a specific corner in the drawer where it is stashed that you will instinctively reach towards would be a better bet then illuminating your firearm before reaching for it; light isn't always our friend...

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    Good advise given by members. Let's close it here.


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