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Thread: The dark side of Spys

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    Popcorn The dark side of Spys

    In the first pics a bead blasted grey.

    And here one with a dark brown to black color, is is very nice with the contrast to the original

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    Default Re: The dark side of Spys

    great work... as always!
    "haben ist besser als brauchen"

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    Default Re: The dark side of Spys

    Looks fantastic!!
    Stan Dobrowski

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    That looks great!


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    Wow, I just love the bead blasting on the Spy 007. Can this be done to the knob too? I would love to have a bead blasted Spy 007 XM-L with gunner grip and two round orange trits instead of the black o-rings on the knob. This would be very stealthy indeed.

    O.K., Laser. I have been posting everywhere that the Stealth version is my favorite version of te 007's. Since, I have been getting responses that bead blasting metal makes for a very fragile surface. The surface looks almost like bluing but it is not even close to the same technique. Is your surface treatment really that fragile? What can be done to make the surface far more robust, impenetrable even? It's just so pretty. Please don't tell me that it is so fragile too.
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