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Thread: Tritium - vial sizes

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    Default Tritium - vial sizes

    Hi everyone - I was wondering if anyone can help me out.
    I am wondering what the sizes of trits are that are available.
    I found an old link on a AR-15 forum that linked back to cpf (and had had a picture included), but it was so old that the link didn't work.

    I am looking to find out two pieces of information.
    1) what are the two small sizes that can be purchased?
    2)can anyone measure these with a micrometer? I need to get exact dimensions for a project I am starting.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Default Re: Tritium - vial sizes

    Search over on CPFMarketplace, you'll find all the sellers with their varieties of tritium vials/dots/spheres there.

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    Yep - I found B@rt and kuku.
    And saw markoff but it looks like he just has the bivy type markers.

    In anycase if anyone has a loose trit and a micrometer handy I'd appreciate a measurement so I can wrap up my cad drawings

    I plan on ordering soon and have questions out to the vendors but have not heard back yet.

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    Default Re: Tritium - vial sizes

    If you need accurate measurements then only the vendors can tell you the precise sizes of the vials they are currently selling. Anyone else can only tell you the size of the vials they have, which may be slightly different to those that are currently available for purchase.
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