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Thread: 18350 3.0V RECHARGABLE

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    Default 18350 3.0V RECHARGABLE

    Where can I buy a 18350 3.0V Rechargable Battery?

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    Default Re: 18350 3.0V RECHARGABLE

    Although there are many places to get an 18350, 3.7 volt rechargeable, I am not aware that they even make a 3.0 volt version.

    In what device would you use that battery?

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    Buttrock Re: 18350 3.0V RECHARGABLE

    I'm pretty sure the Li ion rechargeables are 3.7 v and the primaries are 3.0 v

    Are you hoping to use a rechargeable battery in a light that is designed to take primaries?

    There might be something with LiFePo4 chemistry out there?
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    Default Re: 18350 3.0V RECHARGABLE

    I am using 2 3V 17335 in My SF Skyline 1. I am looking for more Capacity.

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    Default Re: 18350 3.0V RECHARGABLE

    lifepo4 batteries are pretty close to the 3.0V mark. I haven't seen any in the 18350 format, but they do have them in rcr123a (16340) format
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