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    Default sorry everyone

    sorry guys but iv looked and looked and searched, i want to mod either my 6d or 2d maglite with a green laser pointer diode but cant find any details anywhere.
    iv done it once before and it worked amazingly,used normal 2d batteries, worked with normal maglite switch.
    only problem is, last time my laser diode fit perfectly snug into the bulb holder, so snug that it wouldnt fit with the warning sticker on it but slid in perfect without it.
    but i cant remember what the diameter of the diode was.
    i think it was a 9mm but it may of been 8.9.
    does anyone know what size i need? or where to find the info?
    iv had a pretty good look but had no luck.


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    Default Re: sorry everyone

    Green lasers most commonly come in 12mm diameter modules, because they are not green diodes, but rather intricate systems of a lasing gain medium, a frequency-doubling non-linear optic, and a pump source powered by circuitry that keeps the output constant. Laser diodes can be had in 405nm, 445nm, 635nm, and 660nm wavelengths (+/- 10nm), and often come in a 5.6mm package, or much less common, a 9mm package.
    This random datasheet of a laser diode that comes in the common 5.6mm package has the information about the 5.6mm package dimensions:

    Just like how we use MCPCBs with LEDs because they are easy, laser hobbyists use aixiz 12mm modules to hold the 5.6mm diode and the lens needed to focus it.

    Definitely invest in some laser goggles and don't do anything stupid with your laser. With lasers, one mistake will leave a lifelong reminder, or even jail time. It is now illegal to point lasers into the sky in the vicinity of a "flight path" of a plane, at satellites, at people (esp. law enforcement), and in any manner that may be distracting to people operating machinery. Also, eye damage is often not immediately apparent, unless you take a direct hit to the eye. People have reported "hearing" a popping noise in their eye as their retina detaches from the back of the eye. Other laser damage is compensated for by the brain as much as possible, but will result in gray spots, or areas where you can't distinguish details because your brain is just guessing at what should be in that area of the image.

    Also, it sounds like you are doing a "kipkay" hack. Kipkay doesn't care about your eyes, he cares about how many times his videos are clicked on. After the laser enthusiast community kept hounding him, he has finally started putting safety warnings in his new videos. I think it was because he came to a laser forum to argue his side, but decided that it was in his best interests (duh) and everyone elses too to inform people that laser goggles are a worthwhile investment. So, I guess I've got a pre-existing beef with kipkay, but he is doing good and trying to show people his hacks in a safer manner.

    The main problem with a build as you are suggesting, is that there is no current regulation. That means, the current depends entirely on the diode and the batteries, i.e. at 2.4V a diode might draw 300mA and lase and not fry itself. But at 2.5V, the diode might draw 500mA and easily fry itself. A 0.1V change isn't very big, but with devices like LEDs and laser diodes, controlling the current allows you to more easily and precisely set how hard you drive the diode. To have the same amount of control using a voltage regulator would mean using an expensive, extremely precise voltage regulator.

    This link shows how a well-known kit maker puts together his maglite kits. This kit uses two Li-Ion cells, but you could get away with using 6 alkalines if the build doesn't need too much current. If you are considering using one of his kits, don't hesitate to ask him questions like if it will work with 6 alkalines, or if there is one that would work with 2 D alkalines.

    1: get laser goggles for the wavelength that you are goign to use
    2: most common diode is 5.6mm, but usually put in a 12mm aixiz module; most common green module is much larger in length and is 12mm
    3: get laser goggles.

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