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Thread: Paralleling 2 battery packs together

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    I made a led lantern that is powering fine with a camcorder 7.2 volt li-ion battery pack ( Sony NP-F960), that has 6 -18650 in it. The batteries in the pack are configured in 3P2S. The pack has protection circuit in it. The light goes off after 2 hours of continuous use. My question is if I can use 2 of these identical packs connected in PARALLEL to double the run time as each pack is rated at 47 watt hours. My concern is that in parallel, will one battery conflict with the other in terms of premature shutdown, protection circuits interfering with each other ,etc. ?
    I really need the extended run time of 4 hours without having to change battery after 2 hours when one is exhausted. Thanks

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    I would do it.
    Just disconect them when charging, if only for the sake of safety

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    what about trying one of the replacement higher out put batteries? the new version is listed at a rating of 7800mah.

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    That would be fine I believe.

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    It should be fine, as both battery packs are in parallel they are forced to discharge at the same voltage as each other.

    If the battery packs are in simmilar condition all will be well, depending on how good the protection circutry is, about the only worry about it kicking in I would have, would be if single cell in either pack went bad, reaching <3v before the other cells.

    The only danger I can think off is if one battery pack went bad, and shorted internally, the good pack would dump into it, though this is very very unlikely.

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